We have continued to render highly technical and prompt professional services to our clients. These have improved their profitability and also led to the expansion of our clientele base in the following sectors:

  • Insurance, Banking and Finance
  • Manufacturing and Trading
  • Media and Information Technology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Professional and Academic
  • Hospitality
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organization

At BBC Professionals (Formerly Balogun Badejo & Co.), we provide expert services on financial and business matters. These are:

Accounting Adviser / Reporting Accountants

When a corporate entity intends to raise funds through private placement or public offer, one of the conditions precedent before the capital market regulators will give its approval is that the audited financial statements of such companies should be evaluated/examined by accountants registered with it.

We have professionally and creditably carried out these functions for a number of organizations that cut across different sectors of the economy. Following the skills, expertise and capacity that we have built over the years, we have been able to deliver and meet deadlines.

We are registered by the Capital Market Regulators. .

Why not talk to us today if you are contemplating approaching the Capital Market in order to achieve the desired result.

Audit and Assurance

Our Audit is based on international best practices, using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), all the relevant laws and regulation, etc, ensuring that good corporate governance are entrenched in our clients’ businesses.

In the minds of the public at large, the discovery of frauds is the principal function of the auditor, thereby overshadowing his main duties entirely. Although of great importance, the detection of fraud and errors must be regarded as incidental to such main dutties.

We realize the importance of audit to our clients. Aside from providing a means of measuring its performance and enabling it to plan for the future by comparing the past with the present, audited financial statements are required in securing government patronage, tax clearance certificate, loan facilities, etc. It is for this reason we attach importance to prompt delivery of our services without compromising the high quality we are known for.

To assist our clients improve on its performance we provide constructive and feasible recommendations at the end of every audit through our management letters. We also hold discussions and meetings with our clients to understand their needs the more and offer professional advice that will enhance their management control and profitability.Our pursuit is to add value to our clients.

Due Diligence

In these days of mergers and acquisitions, the need for proper evaluation of an entity before consummating a merger or acquisition cannot be over-emphasized.

Buyers need the assurance that the entity has not been over priced either through overstatement or understatement of figures underlying the financial statements prepared by the seller.

A major step in getting the right price is the Financial Due Diligence process where on behalf of the acquirer the business being sold is examined by professional accountants.

Our experience in this field puts us in a good stead to be of service to you if you are considering a merger or acquisition.

Insolvency – Receivership and Liquidation.

A number of factors account for some businesses closing shop (either permanently in liquidation or temporarirly in receivership). When this regrettably happens, the services of a Receiver/Manager or Liquidator who has the required experience is inevitable.

We have the expertise to make informed and timely decisions that will ensure all the stakeholders have the best returns.

As Receiver/Manager, we adopt pragmatic approach to rescue the company ensuring:

  • That the company’s assets are preserved
  • Sound management of the business is put in place to minimize the damage and enhance the possibility of early recovery
  • Creditors and employees including our principal are paid their dues
  • Strict compliance with the laws regulating receivership.

A complete business failure will necessitate the appointment of a liquidator. Here is where competence and experience count as a wrong choice or appointment may lead to further losses.

Our specialists will take necessary steps to:

  • Safeguard and preserve the assets of the company
  • Identify, determine and verify the accuracy of debtors balance and creditors claims
  • Realise the assets at the best possible offer
  • Minimize the losses of the company
  • Distribute the proceeds to the stakeholders in accordance with existing legislation, and
  • File timely reports with appropriate authorities as required by law.

No matter the intricacies that may be involved in the liquidation or receivership assignment we have the skill to deliver excellent services to the satisfaction of all parties.


This department has a unique advantage in that the pioneering work was done by a staff whose rich experience in Her Royal Majesty’s civil service in the United Kingdom makes it a well organized section, without suffering from bureaucratic red-tape.It has the fastest retrieval system.

Our range of services includes:

  • Advice on tax implications of transactions
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Personal taxes for staff, directors and partnerships
  • Processing Tax Clearance certificates which have become sine-qua-non for most business relationships with the goverment
  • Procuring Certificate of Acceptance (on qualified capital expenditure for the purpose of enjoying capital allowances ) from the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industries.
  • VAT registration
  • Preparation of the required VAT returns

The department is staffed by highly qualified men, some of who have worked in the Revenue Department and have seen the other side of the coin. Queries from the Inland Revenue are attended to promptly and speedily.

Our knowledge of tax laws and practices has enabled us to satisfactorily protect the interest of our corporate and individual clients, resolve and settle disputes with tax authorities and in some cases ward off aggressive attacks and raids by tax officials.

Regularly, we issue to clients, taxation circulars explaining changes in tax law and practice to keep them informed and at arm’s length with the law.

In order to improve our services to our clients, we have specialized departments, dealing with taxation, managment consultancies and secretarial sevices.

For ease of administration, we have two distinct companies to cater for the last two functions, namely Balogun Badejo Consulting Limited and City Secretaries Limited.

BBC Professionals (Formerly Balogun Badejo & Co.) Partners and Staff are committed to providing all its clients (irrespective of size) qualitative and cost effective solutions to ensure their continued growth in the emerging competitive market.