Services We Provide

Although the scope of our services is inexhaustive, we list below some areas in which we are adequately equipped and experienced

<strong>Accounting Solution</strong>

Accounting Solution

This entails writing of accounting books for small clients without a full accompaniment of accounting personnel, seconding accountants to clients on short term basis, carrying out investigations as occasions demand, preparation and/or revision of Accounting Manuals, etc.

<strong>Business Advisory Services and Funding Proposals</strong>

Business Advisory Services and Funding Proposals

In coping with the dynamism of modern day business, corporate entities usually have need for expert opinion/advice on matters before making commitments. This is an area where our involvement as accounting and financial consultants come into play.

There are also occasions which call for the representation of a business entity by its professional advisers when dealing with third parties in order to protect the best interest of the entity. We have made the difference in this area for our clients in the past and can do so for you too.

<strong>Business and Share Valuation</strong>

Business and Share Valuation

Whether our client is buying or selling, our involvement in valuing the shares of the entity under consideration is always advisable, in order to make an optimal decision.

Business Strategic Plans and Feasibility Studies

When contemplating an investment on a new project or revision of an existing project, getting appropriate professionals to appraise the proposed project is a step in the right direction. We offer valuable services in this regard.

<strong>Human Resource Development</strong>

Human Resource Development

Being a corporate entity's greatest (and most unpredictable) asset, human resource needs constant training and retraining, in order to get the best output from it. A core area of our practice is training which we have actively and successfully executed in the past seventeen years.

<strong>Information and Communication Technology (ICT)</strong> Consulting

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Consulting

In an ever-reducing world, courtesy of information highway, information and communication technology has become a sine qua non for any business that wants to be a leader in its line of operation. In recognition of this fact, we have developed our ICT consulting skills over the years in order to give maximum assistance in the development of our clients' business. You can be one of the beneficiaries.

<strong>Management Consulting</strong>

Management Consulting

Management advisory services (which include personnel - related issues: welfare, recruitment, assessment, etc ; writing or review of an existing administration manual, labour union liaison services and so on) are our major features here.

<strong>Operations Planning and Control</strong>

Operations Planning and Control

We render valuable services on planning and control issues. The advantage of outsourcing this type of assignment to professionals include expertise, independence, benefit from experience on other assignments, etc.

<strong>Staff Recruitment and Appraisal</strong>

Staff Recruitment and Appraisal

Hiring quality hands is one of the key success factors in the overall operations of an Organization. In this regard, we bring our industry experience to bear in the provision of excellent recruitment services to our esteemed clients. We also appraise your Human Resource profile to ensure quality personnel are within the rank and file of your Organization.

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